Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Witch was Right

Back in my Rough Seas post I mention my encounter with the Sea Hag and her prophecy of the SPX 1047.  Like I said in that post, the greed got the best of me, I didn't heed the warning signs, and now I am fighting hard with my RTK position.  Sometimes you have to know when to cut the line.  It's the loss of your tackle that keeps you second guessing, wait too long and the creature pulls your boat down too!  I'd rather lose some tackle then me full boat.  I was a little early on me gold call last week (seems I'm always early, or at least that's what the Sea Hag tells me..Oh!).  I am still watching DGP as the charts be tellin me gold will make a run soon to $1,200 an ounce.  That should bring a boon to the precious metals too, and it is all due to our friendly government's destruction of our currency.  Here is an updated chart on the dollar.  The strong move Friday made me move my top horizontal line a little higher.

You can see there is a little more room to the red line to complete wave 4.  I think this will happen Tuesday.  I look to invest in commodities over the next two weeks when the signal finally comes.  Here is an update of the SPX course I be chartin.


I have changed my basic premise of an A/B/ 1 of C Primary option to a Primary A complete at SPX 666 and currently topping out an Intermediate a of a Primary B of an overall 4 Cycle (if that makes any sense to ya you've been drinkin the Grog too!)  Good Luck and be careful out in those choppy waters!

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